Apr 14, 2010 · To copy the M118LR load you can use 173gr. BT bullets, but the 175gr. Sierra MK is regarded as a much better bullet. I have worked up loads like you are interested in. The loads were chronographed too. I used IMR 4895, which is suitable for your rifle, along with Federal GMM brass and Winchester LR primers.
There WAS a change shortly after M118LR initially came out (1998 production year) when Winchester/Olin ran the Lake City plant. But, while the initial load was hot (powder used was WC750), the reason the change was made was not for pressure reasons, but rather because the Marines complained that the ammo didn't match the BDC in their Unertl scopes.

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As soon as I get my build done, I'll be starting off with a #9 40 degree LP on a 20" tube and will use M118LR Lake City ammo, then switch to some quality commercial loads, then try my hand at some light reloads working up to a near max load.
38 Super Load Data. weapon_mac10.txt. TGF. 0801 Ps 90 Police Mag. ... and how it compares with the M855, M118LR, M882, and some commercial equivalents.

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Lake City. Sort By: Quick view. 5.56 M855 62gr 50rd Steel Penetrator, LAKE CITY - US Military - 50 Rounds. $61.99. Out of Stock Compare. Quick view. 5.56 M855 62gr 200rd Steel Penetrator, LAKE CITY - US Military - 200 Rounds ...
Cartridge, Caliber 7.62mm, NATO, Ball, Special, M118LR (United States): 175gr 7.62×51mm NATO Match-grade round specifically designed for long-range sniping. It uses a 175gr Sierra Match King Hollow Point Boat Tail bullet. Produced at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.

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A Path to Overmatch: Next Generation Individual Weapon System by Jim Schatz - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. A Path to Overmatch: Next Generation Individual Weapon System by Jim Schatz as Presented at the 2016 NDIA Armament Systems Forum Fredericksburg, VA 27 April 2016
Federal Lake City T762TNB1 - 7.62x51mm NATO MK319 MOD 0 130 grain SOST OTM (Special Operations Science and Technology) ammunition with a 130 grain "barrier blind" open tip match bullet. Factory-Sealed Case of 500 Rounds: 20 Round per box, 25 boxes per case. This new SOST round is designated as MK319 MOD-0.

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in January, 1973 consistently shot “1.5-2 MOA out to 500 yards, in spite of some fair wind and mirage problems” using 1968 Lake City 173 grain Match and Sierra 168 grain Match hand load ammunition (1975). Mr.
308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO: Barrel Length versus Velocity (28″ to 16.5″) Introduction. Released by Winchester in 1952 (and adopted by NATO in 1954 as the 7.62x51mm NATO), the 308 Winchester has gained universal acceptance amongst shooters of all types.

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According to a Harvard Business Review study, only 3% of companies’ data meets basic quality standards. With the Informatica Intelligent Data Quality and Governance portfolio of products, organizations around the world have been able to consistently improve the quality of their data, trust their results, and power their data-driven digital transformation.
Sep 21, 2008 · Reloaders should also note that military ammo often is made with a thicker web. Consequently the case capacity of 7.62x51 brass is usually less than that of commercial .308 brass. You may need to reduce recommended .308 Winchester loads by as much as 2 full grains, if you reload with military 7.62x51 brass, such as Lake City or IMI.

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224 Valkyrie. The world’s best MSR 15 cartridge just got better. Meet three new loads that get more from 224 Valkyrie.
38 Super Load Data. weapon_mac10.txt. TGF. 0801 Ps 90 Police Mag. ... and how it compares with the M855, M118LR, M882, and some commercial equivalents.

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Nov 15, 2011 · For (over)max loads at the 5.56x45 or 7.62x51 military level, R15 is it. Not only is it excellent for milspec 55fmj and 62gr steelcore loads in 5.56, but it is the very powder used by ATK Lake City for sniper loads in the new 175 grain M118LR open tip version, go check it out at the Alliant web site.
Apr 05, 2018 · Knowing ballistic coefficient allows you to calculate how far your round flies as it loses velocity. For this example, I am going to use a Hornady 30-06 Springfield load with a 125 grain SST projectile, found here. Scroll down to the bottom and you see that Hornady provides most of the information you need.

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Matter of fact the AMU load for their AR10 with 185's has been 45.0 Varget and was recently swithched to 44.5 of varget, same load they use for the mag length 175 load in those rifles. Old lots of M118LR that were breaking M14's in Iraq with the old load (44.3 RE15) function fine in the M110 (and any other AR10) even in the heat.
Because it is personal and it is aimed. It is intended to be deadly. In the Finnish military the soldiers specialized on accurate single bullet fire are divided into “sharpshooters” and “snipers”.

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Sep 12, 2017 · Lake City 5.56 have harder brass in the base and a thicker flash hole web. Meaning longer lasting brass and thighter primer pockets. When you have brass flow into the ejector it means you are over pressure for that brand of brass. I buy bulk once fired Lake City 5.56 cases and to keep things simple thats all I shoot from my AR15 rifles.
Haven't developed anything specifically for the 17 yet, but I've fed mine my pet load for my M1A's with good results. Generic reloader warning yada yada yada Case: Milsurp LC assorted yrs Bullet: M118LR SMK 175gr HPBT Powder: 39.5gr W748 (it measures so damn well) Primer: Federal 210 match COAL: 2.810" Slight crimp with Lee FCD
m118 is not very special at all. m118 lr is a sierra match king 175 in a lc lr case no primer crimp and a bunch of rl15 powder. this load was developed for bolt action sniper rifles and worked fine in the sr25 and ar10's but not in the m14....it bent op rods.
38 Super Load Data. weapon_mac10.txt. TGF. 0801 Ps 90 Police Mag. ... and how it compares with the M855, M118LR, M882, and some commercial equivalents.
The data may include weather as well as ocean state information. Paleoclimatology Past climate and environmental data, derived from natural sources such as tree rings, ice cores, corals, and ocean and lake sediments, extend the archive of weather and climate back hundreds of millions of years.

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